4 things to do in the new ‘must-visit’ place of Asia

1. The cuteness of Hello Kitty and nostalgia in Thomas town
The utterly cute girl (Hello Kitty is not a cat) and all her merchandise will welcome you once you reach Sanrio Hello Kitty town. This place is full of frolic activities, memorabilia, and shows related to Hello Kitty: the phenomenon that has captured millions of hearts across the globe. If you are a fan, you will adore the place. If you aren’t, you might become one!
Thomas town is located in the same building. Based on the popular animated character, ‘Thomas the tank engine’, this theme park houses some exciting rides. Children can play with their favorite characters including Bob the Builder, Pingu, and Barney the dinosaur. There is a joint ticket available for both these parks, which you should buy beforehand to save money.

2. Shop till you drop at swanky shopping centers
Downtown Johor Bahru has a number of shopping centers for clothes, handicrafts and more. These malls also have nail salons, hairdressing boutiques, and fine dining eateries. A visit with family or a group of girlfriends is all you need to unwind and give yourself some retail therapy.
Other places to consider include Aeon Terbrau city, Komtar JBCC, and JARO handicrafts center.

3. Savor the scrumptious Malay food
Malay cuisine is famous for its bountiful spices and creamy coconut milk flavor. Johor Bahru imbibes a culmination of both Malaysian and Singaporean flavors in the hundreds of options it has to offer. Feel like eating street food? Johor Bahru has a cornucopia of hawker centers at your service, wherein you can enjoy native delicacies like Duck meat, Ikan Bakar (grilled fish), and clay pot chicken rice. Want to splurge on food? You can choose from classy joints like Anna’s Kitchen and Cafe downtown. You can also find appetizing Indian food in abundance!

4. Spend an idyllic day at a picturesque beach
Malaysia is incomplete without its beaches and Johor has some serene and scenic locations to offer. Experience Asia’s abundant aquatic life at Arsenia and D’coconut beach resorts. If you fancy a swim in the open sea, beneath the endless blue of the daytime sky, then Pulau Besar and Pantai Air Papan are the beaches for you. If you are inclined towards water sports, you have snorkeling and scuba diving as your options.
So pack your bags for what might be an unforgettable trip! To make your travel hassle-free, airlines like AirAsia have a host of flights at reasonable prices, which get cheaper the earlier you book.

Pro tip: When traveling from Singapore to Johor Bahru or vice versa, take the cross-border bus service. It is a lot cheaper than a flight and can be availed as an add-on from AirAsia. If you are arriving or departing at either Senai airport or Changi airport, just hop on one of AirAsia’s buses and zip across the border in a jiffy!